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Day 3 was a bit of a struggle because my body started getting angry with me. My back had had enough and I was forced to start popping Advil to get by. I also had to succumb to buying more supportive shoes – apparently flip flops aren’t the sturdiest – so that I could survive the day. Which I did. Barely.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          It was raining on and off all day, the grounds were disastrously muddy, skies were dark, but it was still humid as ever outside. The first act I stumbled upon was Woodkid. Sadly I only caught the tail end of their incredible set. Hailing from France, Woodkid, aka Yoann Lemnoine, sings in English accompanied by indie rock music with obvious tribal influences in it. The rain had stopped for a while and during one of their songs while the drums were coming to life, fans were jumping around to the music and all of a sudden it started to pour – almost like the crowd was doing some sort of rain dance that induced the waterfall. It was a glorious scene to witness. I became a fan on the spot.

Next up was Bloc Party, who I was looking forward to seeing since Day 1. I was surrounded by a bunch of giant guys which didn’t really concern me until they started playing. All the giants then decided it would a good idea to start moshing – ie body checking in dance form – and crowd surfing. Again, not the biggest deal in the world, actually seemed kind of fun. Except when you’re my size, it’s quite possibly the scariest thing ever. My claustrophobia kicked in and in a true fight or flight response, I fled. Saved myself from what could have been a traumatic episode, with only a bloody broken toe nail. Gross, I know. I watched the rest of their performance from further back, but was surprisingly underwhelmed by it. They did a good job, I just prefer listening to them with my noise canceling headphones so I can fully absorb their music.

Next, I caught Toronto’s own Metric. I adore watching lead singer Emily Haines perform because she is as elegant as she is edgy. Perfect blend of loud and soft, fun and serious, poetic and to the point. I then trekked over to see France’s electronic group M83, most commonly known for their track “Midnight City” which was on HBO’s How to Make it in America. The packed crowd and insane beats made everyone go wild. The lighting and effects on stage made the show come alive, so you could enjoy it even from any distance. Last but not least, the festival ended with headliners The Black Keys. The subway ride home was bittersweet because the music was finished, but my body could finally get some rest.

There are plenty of reasons to attend a music festival: travel, spend time outdoors, hang out with friends, grab a few beers, sport the latest fashion trends – for girls, high-waisted shorts, hippie braids and baggy tank tops. My reason was the music. For everyone who really understands that, I wish you were there with me.

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