Gwen Stefani Lit Up Toronto

Posted: August 17, 2016 in 90s Music, Alternative, Live Music, New Music, Pop, Rock
Earlier this year, Gwen Stefani dropped her third solo venture, This is What the Truth Feels Like, amidst her very public break up with husband Gavin Rossdale, and rebound-turned-romance with country singer Blake Shelton. In fact, Stefani’s album is part “I hate you, Gavin”, part “I love you, Blake” and part “I’m just so confused.” It’s a true pop album, sprinkled with all kinds of genres like dance, R&B, reggae; plus that good ol’ Stefani attitude.
A couple of weeks ago, Stefani took over the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre in support of her new album, and she killed it. From start to finish, there wasn’t a dull moment; not a single boring set. It was entertaining, lively and incredibly fun. She mostly played tracks off the new album, like “Misery”, “Make Me Like You,” and her personal favourite, “Rare.”
For long-time fans, she also paid homage to her previous solo work, with “Wind it Up”, “Luxurious” and left the crowd wanting more with an amped-up version of “Hollaback Girl” before heading off stage to prepare for the encore.
Stefani’s 2 hour performance also included incredible outfit changes, flawless back up dancers, and a rambunctious band; not to mention, live versions of “Rich Girl” and “Let Me Blow Ya Mind” – both collaborations with rap sensation Eve (her opener for the night.) She even played “Send Me a Picture” – a track on which she somehow put an endearing spin on sexting.
If that wasn’t enough, Stefani pulled at all the fans’ 16-year-old heart strings and delved into old school No Doubttracks like “Don’t Speak” and every girl’s favourite anthem, “Just a Girl”, during which she kicked up the bad-assery to the next level. Not a single person was sitting still, unable to help themselves from dancing, jumping, and singing all the lyrics along with her. She refused to run out of steam, and had just as much fun as the crowd – while still looking like she hasn’t aged since 1995 (how does she do it?)
The thing about Gwen Stefani is she’s ambitious, successful, fun, confident; while also being vulnerable and emotional. When she performs, she throws every part of her on stage, which is why her fans are such die hards – they feel like they know her. She’s someone with whom they can identify because everyone sees a part of themselves in her and her music. Her concert only proves what goes without saying: you can’t get any cooler than Gwen Stefani, you just can’t.

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