Classic Albums: “Bad Blood” by Bastille

Posted: August 12, 2016 in Alternative, Indie, Rock
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Back in November 2015, I began a blog series entitled “Classic Albums,” which took a look at albums you can’t listen to just once, no matter how hard you try. This time, it’s Bastille‘s turn with their 2013 debut album, Bad Blood.

This album was released only 3 years ago, so it may be presumptuous to already call it a classic, but there really is no other word for it. At first glance, it’s a bunch of songs about love, life, loss, relationships – the usual themes throughout most albums.

What makes it stand out though, is lead singer Dan Smith’s ability to put his internal thoughts and feelings into words. It’s like he’s sorting out his life through his music, and we get to jump in during his train of thought. He creates all kinds of images with his words, that when listening, you can’t help but caught up in it all.

Angry rock lyrics are surrounded by light-hearted pop sounds. Break-up tracks are more empowering than depressing. Love tracks are filled with such an eagerness and genuineness, that you often find yourself turning to mush. His perspective on relationships seems to come from a mature and hopeful place; a place where no matter what happens, life will go on.

The album comes off as a coming-of-age story; the ups and downs, the highs and lows and everything in between, which is why it’s such a successful album: it’s about life. He portrays these common emotions so accurately and perfectly that listeners completely understand, because they’ve been through the same experiences too.

Musically, it’s a mix of rock, indie and electronic. It’s common for different genres to blend into one another, and Bastille does a great job of balancing them all. The sounds are full of expression, emotion and imagination. Couple that with Smith’s incredibly distinctive voice, and you get some beautiful music.


I’ll admit I have a bit of a soft spot for this album: it was a true companion/muse while I wrote my first novel, Stan’s Jams. It was so inspiring and enabled me to make sense of my thoughts, and translate them onto paper/computer. It helped me find my way.

Once you throw on this album, you won’t be able to turn it off. It’s addictive, and colourful and captivating; you just won’t ever want that tingling feeling all over to go away.



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