Ok Go: The Art of the Music Video

Posted: March 18, 2016 in 90s Music, Alternative, Rock

Music videos once spanned across our TV screens, premiering to thousands via our favourite music network. In recent years, the music video art form has shifted to streaming. These days we see a lot of booty shaking, excessive drinking, forced sultriness and far too overproduced videos. This is where Ok Go comes in – a 4-piece band from Chicago, who’ve been around since 1998. Their music may not be everyone’s cup of tea, their music videos are nothing short of true art. Carefully choreographed, perfectly executed dance routines, using all kinds of props, sets, extras (anything you can imagine, really) makes these guys at the top of the music video game. Here are some of their best.

“I Won’t Let You Down”

A track off their most recent album, 2014’s Hungry Ghosts, it’s a typical catchy pop-rock track. Aside from their impeccable synchronization (even on motorized unicycles), it’s the aerial shots in this video that create such a fun, unique vibe. They use umbrellas to create colourful configurations, reminiscent on what you’d see on a Lite- Brite. That’s hard to picture, I know, so have a look for yourself.


“Upside Down and Inside Out”

Also hailing from 2014’s Hungry Ghosts, this video was released merely a month ago, but has already shattered all kinds of imaginations. The video was shot in ZERO gravity in an airplane while it flew through the sky; which explains why their seatbelts are properly fastened while they’re sitting. The use of a neutral gray-coloured plane, populated with sparks of colour in wardrobe and props, creates such a vibrant palette,making viewing experience all that more enjoyable. Pile that with floating MacBooks and floating paint, and what you get is zero gravity chaos.


“Here It Goes Again”

Aka “The Treadmill Song,” this track comes off Ok Go’s 2005 album Oh No. It’s one of the most intricately choreographed videos out there, because not only do they have to be in sync with each other, they have to also incorporate treadmills. There’s nothing fancy about the video’s setting (the backdrop looks like aluminum foil taped to a wall), but the visuals it creates with the dance moves is what really wins here.

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