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Posted: February 9, 2016 in Music Industry, New Music
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Everyone has different degree of reliance on music streaming. Sometimes it’s the only way to hear a new track or underground remix. Sometimes, you need a well-crafted unique playlist to go with your specific mood. Sometimes, you just want access to loads and loads of music on your phone, without having to download them by yourself. Here’s a look at some of the major music streaming services out there.


We’ll get the most useless one out of the way first, because it’s not available outside the U.S., Australia and New Zealand. It’s a bit different than other services because it acts more like a personal radio station. You input artists you like, and it takes off playing similar styles. You can like/dislike tracks, listen to other people’s radio stations, and basically dictate what you hear. There’s both a free and paid subscription, the former forces you to deal with ads.


Google Play/Songza

Songza was recently bought out by Google Play, so now they are on in the same. You can upload your own music library and store it in Google Play for future listen. You can also download tracks you uploaded or purchased from the Google Music Store to your phone/desktop to listen to when you have no internet connection. Plus, you get radio/playlist access for any mood you’re in. For a nice monthly fee, you get full access to the millions of songs in Google Music’s catalogue and no ads ruining your flow.

Google Play is also tied to YouTube Red (only available in the U.S.) which provides ad-free video streaming.


Apple Music (ie the new iTunes Radio)

It’s very similar to Google Play, in the sense that it’s more of a storage facility for your existing music, but also includes access to free Beats 1 Radio station, as well as a feature called “Connect” It allows you to follow artists and see what they’re listening to and what they’re upto (kind of like a newsfeed of your favourite artists.) The paid version, has extra benefits like Siri activated requests, playlists, using Apple Music’s entire library, as well as the ability to download any music to listen to offline, and get music suggestions.



This also enables listeners free access to whatever music is offered (as long as they create an account.) Where it differs is, it allows artists to upload music they’re creating/releasing in a more intimate way with their fans. Remixes or different versions of tracks are often seen here. For uploaders, they are allowed 3 hours of free uploads, after which they require a paid subscription to keep putting their music up.



Rapper Jay-Z’s bright idea that he co-owns with 15 other artists, is the first artist-owned streaming service ever. It’s ONLY accessible through a paid subscription which gives you access to the music library, HD music videos, as well as articles and editorials. Not to mention guaranteed content from all its owners. Tidal also best compensates artists compared to all other music streaming services.



Along the same lines as Apple Music and Google Play, it’s yet another library of music available to listeners. The free version gives access to all the music, but the paid version also gets rid of the ads, allows you to skip tracks, and the ability to listen offline. It has a plethora of playlists for anything and everything. Probably one of the easiest ones to use as well.



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