Classic Albums: “Live at Luther College” by Dave Matthew and Tim Reynolds

Posted: November 24, 2015 in 90s Music, Rock
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In an attempt to stir things up, I’ve decided to start a series of blog posts that will hopefully show up intermittently over the next few months. Each album that falls under this series is one that is absolutely captivating from beginning to end. Track by track, it gets better and better, regardless of the order in which you play them. The first title is Live at Luther College by Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds.

I first became a fan of Dave Matthews Band (DMB), long after I should have. Everyone used to listen to them in high school, and being the contrarian that I am/was, I refused to take any interest. I did eventually come around and completely fell for their 1996 album Crash. What I enjoyed most about the band was their storytelling lyrics, told with a background of incredible instrumentation.  A few years later, I discovered 1999’s Live at Luther College (LLC) and things were never the same after that.

First recorded in 1996 at – wait for it – Luther College in Iowa, this 2-disc album features most of the tracks on DMB’s debut album, 1994’s Under the Table and Dreaming. Crash wasn’t released until late 1996, after LLC was recorded, but 3 years before it dropped. It stars Dave Matthews on acoustic guitar, accompanied by renowned guitarist Tim Reynolds: a match made in musical heaven. You just can’t take your ear away. Trust me, I’ve tried.

This record is such a work of art because of its simplicity. Listening to these 2 people and their guitars create the sounds they do, is an experience in itself. Your mind drifts, gets caught up in the music, the words. You just feel it all over. Not to mention Tim’s awe-inspiring, mesmerizing guitar solos, which make you wish you were that good at anything in your life.

Live albums should be a different experience than listening to a studio album. LLC accomplishes this and then some because it’s just more real. If I throw a track on, I’m stuck listening to the entire album for weeks, because all my senses go on a music high and I just don’t want to come down from it. That’s what classic albums do.

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