Summer Lovin’

Posted: July 21, 2014 in Lists, New Music, Top 40
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Since we are in the thick of summer, I figured it’s about time we start recognizing some summer jams. For this exercise, I will put down the haterade, ignore my disdain for Top 40, and just enjoy the music. These following tracks, are not only perfect for cruisin’ through the streets top down, but also for straight jamming.

5. “Am I Wrong” – Nico & Vinz

A tale about a man who loves woman, and hoping he has a shot with her. The reggae vibe immediately makes you want to let loose, and be free. The picturesque video makes you want to get on a plane and go to a land where that much beauty exists, to forget about life for a while.

4. “Hideaway” – Kiesza

Truth be told, the “oohs” and “aahs” that go on throughout this track, can get tiresome, but the back beat is so killer, that they just blend in. The dance moves are out of control, and it’s got a nice old school 80s dance vibe to it that you just can’t ignore. If you don’t feel the urge to bust a move listening to this, you need to lighten up.


3. “Bailando” – Enrique Iglesias feat. Sean Paul, Descemer Bueno & Gente de Zona

I can’t help it. Any track where Sean Paul says “Baby girl” repeatedly is gold. Deal with it.

2. “Changes” – Faul & Wad Ad vs. Pnau

The song intros with a sort of creepy children’s choir, but keeps on building and building. The instrumental solos are to die for, but the best part is the video: bad-ass teenage girls taking down bullying boys with rolls of toilet paper, to save their kidnapped friend. These girls are fierce, ruthless, and I really wish they’d be my friends.

1. “I Got U” – Duke Dumont feat. Jax Jones

The vocals are eerily reminiscent of the late Whitney Houston on “My Love is Your Love”, so aside from that spookiness, this track has it all. That magical island feel, making you want to ditch work and get away for a while. Anywhere but here. One ticket for me, please.

  1. Deepika says:

    LMAO @ Sean Paul/Baby Girl comment! It made my day !!

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