Bailamos vs. Bailando

Posted: July 8, 2014 in International Music, New Music, Pop, Spanish Music, Top 40
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Enrique Iglesias has been a busy guy. Son of singer Julio Iglesias, he can sing in Spanish and in English. He is romantically linked with Anna Kournikova, and he recently had his signature mole removed. What keeps him most occupied, however, seems to be his obsession with dance. He recently dropped his single “Bailando” off his upcoming album Sex + Love. It reminded of one of his earlier tracks,  “Bailamos.” Here’s a look at both of them.


English translation: Let’s dance/We dance

Language: Spanglish

Versions: 2

Album: Cosas del Amor (Limitied Edition) 1998; Wild Wild West Soundtrack, 1999

Premise:  Enrique loves some girl, and just wants to dance with her, he loves her so much. He urges her to let the rhythm take her over. He makes it clear that he’s hers. Most importantly, he insists that tonight, they dance.

Videos: One is super sexy, super Latin, flashing lights, in a dance club. Hands going everywhere, disco balls, glitter, and on-stage couple grinding. The other, is muted, slowed down, and more a pining kind of love, but also features a group dance. At the end of both of them, Enrique gets the girl.




English translation: Dancing

Language: Spanglish

Versions: 2

Album: Sex + Love, 2014

Premise: Enrique loves a girl and the way she moves. He does not want the night to stop; he wants to be with her, live with her, and most importantly dance with her.

Videos: Both follow Enrique and his “boys” – Gente de Zona, Descemer Bueno, and Sean Paul (English version only) – running around the streets of some warm-climated country. There’s a lot of traditional group dancing vs. contemporary street dancing. There’s even choreo with soccer balls. At the end of both of them, Enrique gets the girl.



I could only come to one conclusion after this detailed analysis: it’s the same damn song.



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