The People vs. Rebecca Black

Posted: June 2, 2012 in Pop, Top 40
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Bullying has become such an immense issue amongst adolescents because there are so many forms of it these days: texting, internet, Facebook, Twitter, you name it. No kid is safe. Take Rebecca Black for example. At age 13 she wanted to be a singer so badly, her mom payed a studio to record her track “Friday” and make a video that debuted on YouTube; it very quickly became viral, but for all the wrong reasons. It’s a terrible song, no argument there. But the amount of hate and negativity surrounding her at school was so intense, her mom had no choice but to pull her out. Which made me wonder, what did Rebecca do that was so awful?

Rebecca Black was ridiculed because her vocals weren’t all that great – often described as nasal and off key –  and had to have the entire track auto-tuned. So what? Isn’t that what T-Pain does on all of his songs? And Kanye’s dabbled in it as well. Auto-tuning is meant to disguise weaker, mediocre voices, and improve their quality; that’s the whole point. Rebecca was just doing what all other successful musicians before her had done, and yet she gets all the the flack for it.

She was teased for naming the days of the week in order because well duh, Friday does come after Thursday and before Saturday, thanks for pointing that out. But if I remember correctly, the Black Eyed Peas also named the days of the week in their song “I Got a Feeling.” In fact, they also decided they had enough magical power to add another Saturday to the days of the week. Which makes no sense at all. Yet that track was #1 all over the place. Why doesn’t anyone bully them?

People called her ugly and fat (just look at the comments on the YouTube video) and stupid because she had a bad song. If she changed her image would the insults stop? Look at Aaron Carter. I know his music was released years ago and times were different then, but come on – his songs were just as bad, if not worse than Rebecca’s, yet he was so sought after. Was it his relation to Nick Carter or his flowy blonde hair? Why was it acceptable for him to put out “That’s How I Beat Shaq”? Is it just that young female fans – let’s face it, they’re the only ones who bought his music – are more forgiving of boys and jealous of girls? I have no idea.

Rebecca’s people have undoubtedly taken advantage of this infamy – any publicity is good publicity – so I’m not sitting here feeling sorry for her. In fact she’s already working on recording a full album, critics be damned. And good for her. I’m just trying to understand why Miss Black was bullied out of school for doing something others have been rewarded for. No one’s making you listen to the song – if you don’t like it, turn it off, change the channel. Being a kid makes her an easy target, but attacking her personally isn’t going to make “Friday” sound any better. So leave her alone, stop the bullying and grow up already.


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